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              Can you clue me in to what was to become of Jo, Laurel, Rokk, Cham, Brainy and the rest?

            I don't think there were any real firm dramatic plans for any of them in particular, and Keith was certainly apt to change any plans that he did make.  As for us, we never had that much clout to plan anything that far in advance, but we did have a few ideas.  Nothing special for Jo, except increasing maturity and self-sufficiency as he truly began to handle the loss of Tinya.  Laurel was certainly headed toward some kind of realization about her lingering feelings for Brainy.  One overall plotline we proposed was to introduce a Coluan woman more intelligent than Brainy, who was bent on covertly taking control of the U.P.  As part of her machinations, she'd secretly take over the Legion, and as unpleasant changes began to occur, some of the members, led by Jo, would form a splinter group.  We'd tinkered with the idea of quasi-sexual entanglements between this Coluan woman and some of the guys, including Brainy and Rokk.  

             Did you change the storyline mid-stream in regards to Bounty?  Her character seemed to change quite drastically from Giffen to Pearson.

            In fact, when Jason Pearson was pencilling the book, Keith was still plotting, so changes in the character were probably largely coincidental when pencillers changed.  As with Kent and Celeste, Al Gordon is your best source for info on Bounty, since he was the one supplying most of the ideas (he was, in fact, the creator of Kent and Celeste).  But I don't recall that there was any really changes in the plans for Bounty.  Probably what we ended up revealing in the Pearson-pencilled issues was different than what many readers were anticipating.  And I don't think we ever took time to really explore the ideas and implications of the Bounty entity.  I remember Mary and I kicking around ideas for a story that explored the Bounty entity and showed it possessing people besides Dawnstar, but we never got the chance to pursue it.   

             I enjoyed Celeste but I wanted to see more of Rond with the ring.

            If I remember correctly, we had to eliminate Rond's ring if we were going to do the Celeste GL tie-in.  I think they wanted us to do one or the other.  I agree that Rond as a ring-slinger had a lot of possibilities, though my guess is it would have worked better in a lighter, brighter book like "Legionnaires" than in a Giffenesque Legion. 

             What was the mystery behind Kent Shakespeare?  Was he a new character, an ancestor of Superman, an amalgamation?

            Better leave this one for Al Gordon.  I think Al wanted to do some interesting, involved tie-ins with the Superman mythos, but we weren't really authorized to do anything like that, so what Al personally felt was the background of the character and what could ever be put into print may have been two different things.  The non-Superman-related story behind Kent, I think, was that he'd been taken over by a super-virus that gave him his powers.  As with all of Al's characters, we only scratched the surface of all the ideas he had.

              What were your future plans for Kono?

            We wanted her to remain in the adult Legion, but had no particularly dramatic plans for her there.  Once we got taken off that book, we agreed to bring her over to Legionnaires, and once there, our plan was to make her kind of a nemesis to Tenzil, locking horns with him in practical-joke duels, etc.  One idea was to have that relationship briefly heat up, long enough and hot enough to get Kono into a teen-pregnancy storyline.

             Was Jo going to find happiness?

            I doubt that we'd have ever had Jo settled into a monogamous happily-ever-after relationship, but it seemed like he was headed toward acceptance of his past heartbreak and a future of many interesting, rewarding relationships.  I guess the T&M approach would have been to play up in kind of a humorous way Jo's unintentional almost unconscious appeal to women, as seen in our "Mordru Arises" storyline (Legion #43-48) where he was bedeviled by both Veilmist and Spider Girl.  

             After you re-introduced me to Mordru, I've postulated that he is .... Vandal Savage.  After several millennia, Savage sought out the most powerful force in the universe, magic.  He then takes on the name of a prophesied entity, legend, etc.

            Not an idea that had ever occurred to us, but a cool one, the kind that, had he heard it, Keith might have been interested in exploring.  Of course, Mordru already had a detailed role in 20th-century DC universe through the Amethyst books, which we referred to somewhat in the "Mordru Arises" storyline. 

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