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Kent Shakespeare, Bounty

             Kent Shakespeare:  This character was actually one of Al Gordon's creations, and probably the one Al was most deeply involved in, so everything done with him would have been at Al's initation.  And yes, the restrictions placed on his use by the Superman people were significant.  There was some perception that Kent was being used by Keith and the Bierbaums to needle the Superman folks, when in fact, the character was completely the idea and execution of Al.  Other than wanting Al to have some freedom and creative expression, we'd really have just as soon avoided the problems that came with even an implied overlap with the Superman mythos. 

            Bounty:  Again, this was an Al Gordon idea.  I think Bounty was some kind of entity that possessed people and fed off their emotions and sensations.  I think the entity cut off Dawnstar's wings because it found them inconvenient, especially when trying to t bounties.  Can't recall any particular plans for the character, since, again, it was really Al's concept.  Yes, there was a plotline in the works focusing on Bounty (at least in our minds, anyway) but our time ran out before we could get to it. 

            Hmm.  We probably never thought about connecting the Bounty entity to the Command Kid entity, but it's a pretty good idea.  I think we also considered the possibility that the Bounty character from the Grell era might have been possessed by the same entity.

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