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40 Years of Enduring Keith Giffen -- Link
gnaw on fence
Here's the link to the recent roast of Keith Giffen, "40 Years of Enduring Keith Giffen," Aug. 20 at the TerrifiCon in Uncasville, Conn. WARNING: Definitely not safe for work -- lots of colorful language.

If you're a fan of Keith's work, Legion-related or otherwise, or if you're a non-fan, or you're ambivalent, I think by the end of the 45 minutes or so, you get a pretty good feel for his multi-facted personality and what it's been like to work with him.

I'd never met Marc DeMatteis and had never talked with Colleen Doran about her relationship with Keith, so it was pretty amazing to hear their accounts. I practically could have written Marc's comments (one of his anecdotes is virtually identical to a comment I had in my prepared remarks [most of which were cut because time was running short]) and Colleen's experiences being helped into the business by Keith are very similar to ours.

You'll also get a ton of insight into the Levitz-Giffen years -- how their collaboration started and how they worked together.

Participants include Keith, Paul, Marc, Colleen, Scott Kolins and moderator Spencer Beck, who helped organize the con and has been an industry figure for many years (we first met him in the early '90s, when he was representing Curt Swan.


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