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gnaw on fence

It's OK, I'm a Senator

Legion Recollections by Tom Bierbaum

Heckler #1
gnaw on fence
Here's a change of pace for this blog. Since I've covered most of our Legion issues, I'll occasionally post memories of work on other projects, in this case, the short-lived but beloved series "The Heckler."

If you’ve never read the series, you might be interested if you enjoy humorous takes on super-heroes, though this is not a spoof of a super-hero, nor is it camp or a series of fan-boy comic-book in-jokes (I believe there's one, and only one, very minor Legion reference throughout the six issues). Rather, it’s an off-beat, humorous romp that is more of a Warner Bros. Cartoon in tights than any sort of satirical take on super-heroes.
(And if you’re at all tempted to try “The Heckler,” track down some copies. Believe me, they’re very cheap.)

I suspect the origin of the project was that Keith Giffen knew our status on the Legion wasn’t all that secure and wanted to give us an alternative project in case we got bounced from that title. And if that was the case, we mucked up his strategy completely by choosing that exact time for me to quit my staff position at Variety and take the plunge and try to make comic scripting our primary income (though the actual trigger was when I told Mary I was going to miss the San Diego Con for about the fourth year in a row due to Variety work commitments and she just said at that point enough was enough and we needed to make a stronger commitment to the comic-book business).  Keith had repeatedly told us the comic industry was too challenged and crazy to voluntarily enter it when you had other well-paying options, but we ignored that sage advise – we were just having too much fun writing comics to keep doing it as something we squeezed into our spare time.

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